black chandelier shades the complete guide for buying table lamps for your home

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-09-30
The desk lamp and the carpet on the floor are as important as the picture frame on the wall.When you decorate your home with the right lampshade, these home decorations may be the focus of your home.Or, I can say, it's an important part of any space when people want to read.Please keep in mind that you don't just pick the desk lamp according to the look.You must consider other factors, such as the size of the table, the room, and the location, before choosing.Any factor is important in its own way, whether it is its size or the other interior style of that room.After a lot of research, I put forward some factors that you need to consider if you buy a new desk lamp or want to change the look of the old desk lamp.Take a look.Factor 1: The height of the desk lamp is usually between 24 and 31 inch.The shorter lights are the right choice for the higher lights in the bedroom and living room.When you are sitting next to the light, the bottom of the shadow should be on the level of the eye so that you can enjoy reading without any distractions.Factor 2: The width of the desk lamp if your desk lamp will be placed on the coffee table in any room, measure the table top first, and then compare it with the widest shade part.For a perfect look, the desk lamp should not be wider than the table where it was placed.
Also, keep in mind that after deciding on the width, it should leave enough space to save something else.In your bedroom, a headlight may look beautiful, but if you don't have room for extra stuff, then it may not work for you.Factor 3: translucent.Opaque ShadesIf you would like to provide ambient light and reading lights in the room and then choose a table lamp in translucent tones.In these types of lights, bright light will light up, and diffuse light will pass through the side and send out the light of reading from the bottom.
For a dark and dramatic look, you can choose a desk lamp in an opaque black tone.These types of lights are appropriate when you want the lights to focus only on your book and want to spray it anywhere.Factor 4: The table lamp is used as the design element. we usually think that the table lamp is only the provider of light.But, more importantly, if you like the design of the lamp or its amazing color, you can use that beautiful lamp as a whole inside your room.
So, always pick up the design or style of the table lamp that is matched with other decorations in the room-curtains, pictures, pillows, etc.Factor 5: locate multiple lights if you have a long table or cabinet then you can use two desk lamps on it and don't forget to separate them with two or 3 feet.In this way, you can allocate the light better.Keep in mind that they will look weird if you bring them together, so you can use other decorative items like wall racks, miniatures, etc.Factor 6: update the look of the old lamp if you are tired of the look of the desk lamp then you can try to change the shade for a different look.So, check the old shadows and make sure you have a shadow that works perfectly with your lights.Factor 7: where is your desk lamp?Desk lamps are one of the widely used lighting options as people can use them in any room.You can use them in the lobby way on the console table, the living area on the side table, the bedroom on the bedside table and more of our home.Conclusion: You can also purchase the bedroom desk lamp online, it is better to know the different factors before purchasing.
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