black and wood chandelier Tastronaut Rose, aiming to be Australia's first female astronaut

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-08-20
The temptation of space, the endless void of black and silver, calls out to humanity further each year.For Launceston-The born scientist, for the comfort of leaving the earth for a dazzling, airless, silent and cold place, takes her farther and farther.Ross Tusk wants to be Australia's first female astronaut and Australia's first female astronaut.
Her scientific background, vision and determination led Tusk to several international space training programs, the latest project in Florida in last October.Test to the limit of physical ability-xa0Endure the forced lack of oxygen, find the limit of her body working without oxygen, and try to cope with g-Force, wear full-Body suit designed as a second skinxa0Tusk knows what it takes to be an astronaut.Her goal is to become a commercial astronaut, linking science with business.
Elon Musk is the most obvious name to link space with commercial interests, but Boeing and Virgin are also further investigating the role of space in future travel and industry.It's this industry, notxa0NASA-Tusk hopes to expand the human horizon with the most famous style mission.Her love of science, exploration, and discovery has made her go beyond the singleVision for diversityFocus should be on scientific research, civic science and community outreach.
So why space?The choice of collegexa0Music or science scholarship, Tasker choice Sciencexa0-xa0Surprise her parents and friends."I have been interested in space for a long time," she said ."."This is never a matter of choice ......xa0I don't know anyone who works in space, especially those who grew up in Tasi, and there is no big space community here.
"But in 2012 I received a scholarship from the European Space Agency to go to Adelaide for a summer program run by the International Space University and the University of South Australia.Although Tusk failed to do these sixShe took part in the weekly summer program in 2014 and found everything she had been looking."From this point on, all the doors are opened just by meeting people," she said .
On last October, Tusk continued training and went to Florida to participate in the Possum program.Project PoSSUM (upper and middle polar suborbital science)xa0It's from NASA.Supportxa0Citizen-Scientific research program for American astronautsxa0Annette-Riddle University of aviationIt's far from Launceston.
"I'm going to do astronaut training with them ......xa0"They call it a training program for scientists and astronaut candidates," Tusk said ."."This is a very interesting place for commercial astronauts to train, and it may actually play a bigger role than ordinary astronauts.
For example, through NASA or other government agencies,Running programs are often generalists trained in space travel, but not necessarily scientists."Because commercial space is opening up, there are a lot of commercial [space] companies ......xa0"The business sector has started training experts," Tasker said .
The focus of the possum program is to train scientists and astronauts to collect 120 from the edge of the Earth's atmosphere-It is 150 kilometers from the Earth that officially started space."They chose 11 people."Wide, I am the only Australian," Tusk said .".Tusk follows in the footsteps of Sarah Jane Pell, an artist and space advocate in Brisbane, Australia.
"Experience negativity and.
..xa0"Zero g is great, it's great to fly a plane," Tasker said of training .".."It's very interesting. we also did the space suit training.Tusk said wearing a space suit was an extraordinary experience, with a business company testing their space suit outside a state agency for the first time.Two-The week project possum project also showed her the inadequacies of today's science and space programs.
"We didn't have a custom [suit], but despite that, the space suit design didn't go any further, which surprised me very much," Tasker said .".The flight simulation of Virgin Galactic suborbital flight during the training shows the difficulty of navigation of the flight suit."Try to move, move the camera, collect things with thisxa0.
.....xa0The arm they sent to catch.
xa0And bring back atmospheric dataxa0-xa0"Trying to push all the buttons in the space suit and talking through communication is very, very interesting," Tasker said .".Hypoxia training in a controlled environment, testing eachTo be an astronaut at the limit of oxygen scarcity"We were trained in how to identify symptoms.xa0......xa0"Once you feel something, you have to tell someone," she said .
"You may feel good at 90 but then passed out and everyone's body is differentxa0......xa0No Limit-Push with thisAs a scientist, not just a generalist, Tasker is constantly noticing opportunities for more research, more scientific gaps that need to be filled.The training provided new ideas for her astronaut career.
xa0Not only in space, but also on the ground.xa0Well."I 've noticed a few things that need to be worked on, many of which have to do with outreach --xa0"Things in the fields of art, performing arts, graphic design, etc. are growing in space, and it's very interesting," Tusk said .
"Now I am more focused on outreach and am helping to build a foundation that focuses on recruiting people from different backgrounds or Aboriginal [backgrounds] into the space sector .".Returning to Launceston's home, Tusk continues her scientific outreach and effortsxa0"Rose ".Her interest extends to the study of independent astronomy and how scientists can better manage natural resources using satellite data and native astronomy knowledge.
She's also building.
xa0An Internationalxa0Thinking-Tank dedicated to expanding understanding of space, dedicated to solvingxa0The "disconnect" between space science and public awareness of its value "."Every time [media] talk aboutxa0Should Australia have a space agency?The comment section is alwaysxa0"No, we should spend our money on the Earth," Tusk said .".“The think-Tank focuses not only on research and policies in this area, but also on education and publicity for the publicxa0.
.....xa0How do we use space technology to improve our lives on Earth.It looks cool: Let's do it
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