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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-06

Additional area-pendant fixtureAlmost any room in the home has specific task lighting, but not every app needs the same installation height.Factors to consider include whether you will sit or stand in the area, the height of the person using the light and the architectural features of your room.The height of the proposal is only a starting point;Before installing the fixture, adjust the installation height according to your personal preference.The height of the pendant on the table and desk can be lower than the lighting in the standing area, such as the kitchen sink, countertop or pool table.Pendants hanging in the walking area, such as entrance passages with high ceilings, must be hung high enough to even block your higher visitor.Install your lights in your seat 28 to 36 inchMeasure the area under the table or table top.Choose a 30-to 40-Standing area, height bar or inch mounting height on the top edge of the kitchen sink.For pendant in walkingThrough the area, set the pendant at no less than 7 feet above the floor.All heights are measured to the bottom of the fixture.Make a fake pendant with a juice jar or a paper cone as close as possible to the pendant.Hang this rope on the ceiling with a big pin.Use the area as usual and pay attention to whether the pendant will get in the way of your visuals.If it distracts your attention when you sit around the table and talk to your family, raise the faux pendant a 2 inch high on the rope and try again.Keep adjusting until you are satisfied with the height and then measure the distance from the bright face to the bottom of the pendant.This is the height of your installation to be further adjusted.Look at your faux pendant from all the angles you usually see.If the bottom is closely aligned with other building features such as the top of the window frame, consider lifting or lowering the pendant by 2 inch.The difference in height creates a more interesting look.The smaller pendant lights look best at a lower height, while the larger pendant usually looks less bulky when installed higher.In addition, lamps that use the "spot" style light (bulb) will produce a narrower beam of light than those that use the "flood" style light.This means that the floodlight fixtures can be suspended below the spot style but cover the area of the same size.In general, within the limits of the lamp, the farther your light is from the surface, the greater the beam.
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