bathroom pendant light fixtures how to paint metal light fixtures | ehow

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-07

If you decide to remodel your regular metal fixture by adding a layer of paint, you will have to face some complicated problems.First of all, because the metal is a hard non-porous surface, it is a height-Resistant to primer and paint adhesion.Before you paint, you need to adjust the fixture with a special type of etching primer, otherwise the paint will fall off quickly after applying.Since the metal fixture is smooth, you should use a special application method to promote smooth, professionalAppearance.Cut off the power supply of the lamps at the circuit breaker.Let the metal lamps cool.Remove the bulb from the fixture.Clean metal lamps thoroughly.Scrub them with a skim and rinse the metal.Let the lamps dry completely.Cover the area near the metal lamps with masking paper and professional painter tape.Place the cloth under the fixture.Apply an etching spray primer to bare metal lamps and lanterns to polish the metal to enhance adhesion.Wait four hours for the etching primer to solidify.Paint acrylic onto a Primer Metal fixture.Apply a thin coat.Do not soak the surface with paint, otherwise the paint may drop and drop.Let the fixture dry for two hours.If the etching primer is shown to pass, apply a second layer coating.
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