bathroom light fixtures Eco-Green Bathroom Ideas

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-01

As more of us work to create a safer, healthier planet, the shift to green thinking usually begins with the family.You now use reusable shopping bags, recycle paper, plastic and glass products, and even consider buying hybrid cars and solar panels.What else can you do?Think about one of the most used rooms in your home.Not the kitchen.However, this is another good place to be green.Why not start with your bathroom?We will be there for a long time on any day.You will be surprised at how many small things you can do to make your bathroom eco-friendly.Start with realizing these great ideas.I bet you never thought your shower curtain would have a positive impact on the environment.In fact, there are a lot of options for the green shower curtain now.First of all, you need to throw away that one made of cheap PVC (PVC.When you open the package for the first time, you know this unique fragrance.Odor is the result of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including a type called Bis (2-Ethyl hexyl) Ester (DEHP ).These shower curtains continue to discharge toxins into the air for more than a month after opening.Obviously not a good thing in your home.If you really want to check out organic cotton and marijuana shower curtain in green.They are available in a variety of sizes and come with a standard ring or a stylish buttonhole.You can choose a natural tone or a colored pattern with a non-colored pattern on itToxic organic dyes.Please note that the cost of these shower curtains is much higher than that of synthetic shower curtains, but regular cleaning will exceed them.Choose the PEVA vinyl shower curtain if you want to save money.These eco-friendly curtains are made of, non-The EPA approves and guarantees that the chlorine plastic of the gas will not be closed.Another cheap bath curtain concept is to recycle polyester fabric.They resist mold and can be easily cleaned by putting the mold into the washing machine.Something as inconspicuous as a bath mat or carpet can do harm to the environment.Some synthetic carpets contain volatile organic compounds, which pose another threat to the environment.Not only that, but cheap synthetic bath mats also breed unhealthy mold.When you throw the bath mat into the trash can and replace it with another one, it goes into the landfill and stays intact forever.For these reasons alone, you should consider a green bathroom carpet that will be biodegradable over time.Consider the teak bath mat.It may not be as soft as its feet, but it is more comfortable, durable and green than a bath mat made of nylon.Teak dries faster than synthetic or cloth mats and looks great in the modern spa bathroom.Organic cotton mats and carpets are another natural choice.They look and feel like a normal cotton bath rug.Grow organic cotton without the use of harmful pesticides.Bamboo mats are another option for sustainable development, even softer than cotton fibers.Think outside the box and use a cork pad in the bathroom.It dries quickly and is a natural anti-mold.It provides buffering and does not require regular cleaning.Cork is a beautiful renewable product that looks stylish in any bathroom.It's time to stop using these chemicals.Bathroom cleaner.While they can effectively kill bacteria, they are a danger to the health of you and your family.Corrosive chemical smoke is harmful to breathing and can cause contact dermatitis and many other problems if absorbed into the skin.There are many natural cleaning products in the bathroom and throughout the house.These safe cleaners are no more expensive than ordinary chemical cleaners.In most cases, brand-based is equally effective.With environmental awareness-Even big manufacturers are introducing their own Earth.Very friendly bathroom cleaner.If these types are selected, check the labels to make sure they do not contain phosphate and chlorine.Plant-12 Amine Oxide and d-It's better for you and the environment than caustic soda.This eco-The friendly bathroom is the simplest.From regular towels to organic cotton or bamboo.They are all soft and free of harmful chemicals.Bamboo towels are usually mixed with cotton and artificial silk, but bamboo fibers are real stars, making them super absorbent and soft to the touch.High quality organic bath towels are usually more expensive than regular cotton towels.Consider replacing your regular towel with a good one when the old one is worn out.In this way, you don't have to replace them all at once.Dual-These toilets have two different types of Flushing, using more than one gallon to 1/2 gallons per flushing.One lever is used for liquid waste and paper, and the other for solid waste.Your family of four can save about 7,000 gallons of water each year through a double flush toilet.Alternatively, you can purchase dual flush converters for existing low-level convertersflow toilet.Think about keeping the energy consumption of the 40 gallon water heater constantly reaching the appropriate temperature.Traditional water heaters are a huge waste of energy and money.Whether you need it or not, they heat the water 24 hours a day.Consider installing water heater without water tank.They're small, walls-Installation unit for heating water-Request and turn off automatically when not in use.They cost more than traditional water heaters, but in the long run you will take back your investment and save money.Only 2 were used in the least developed countries.In the United States, 22 gallons of water is used per toilet per day.S.Low-flow toilets save an average of $20 a year.
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