bar pendant light How to Determine the Width of a Pendant Light

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-13
bar pendant light How to Determine the Width of a Pendant Light
The widest part of the chandelier is its shadow diameter.Ball and globe-In the middle, the style hanging lamp is the widest, and the Cup hanging lamp at the opening is the widest.The narrower chandelier options include tubular and rectangular styles, and in order to determine which width is better, it is important to consider the style of the room and the decorative elements of the chandelier suspension.On a large kitchen table or foyer table, the wide chandelier is proportional.A wide globe or disc coordinate;Alternatively, choose a chandelier with a large fabric dome shadow.To determine the width of the chandelier, add the size of the room, change the name to "inch" and select the chandelier for that width;so an 8-by-10-The Foot room offers chandeliers with a diameter of 18 inch.Pendant lights are usually hung in rows on narrow features such as countertops, and smaller shades work together to create a custom look.It is helpful to choose a chandelier with a diameter of 10 inch smaller than the width of the countertop;Even if the tone is small, it is important to leave enough space between the chandeliers.
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