3 pendant light fixture Hanging Requirements for Lighting Fixtures in Earthquake Areas

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-15
3 pendant light fixture Hanging Requirements for Lighting Fixtures in Earthquake Areas
The federal emergency response authority has developed a set of regulations on how lighting must be connected to the ceiling in places such as California where earthquakes are prone.The safer the fixtures are, the less likely a person standing nearby in an earthquake will fall, fall or be injured.The FEMA website includes charts on how to best protect lighting.FEMA recommends supporting recessed lighting in the ceiling, installed between 2 and 4According to the weight of the fixture, 12 specifications of the wire.The bracket connects the fixture to the ceiling grid.Each wire must be able to fully support the weight of the fixture individually.You may also need to use supplementary attachment lines depending on the loadThe carrying capacity of the ceiling crossing runner.FEMA also recommends wrapping two wires under fluorescent bulbs or fixed lenses and fixing them to an actual fixture.To prevent ceiling lamps, ceiling fans and other fixtures from being damaged or falling in an earthquake, FEMA recommends the installation of no less than no fixtures9 The gauge wire directly connected to the ceiling, not the gauge wire of any ceiling suspension system.In the old house, FEMA recommends the use of safety chains or cables and the installation of restraint systems to reduce the possibility of lenses and bulbs falling off the fixture.California schools require the chandelier to be supported with cables and wires, which can support twice the weight of the fixture.Use a relaxed safety line to flush the lighting with the ceiling onto the ceiling support system.These wires attach the clamping device of the fixture to the ceiling hanger closest to the fixture.You may want to install surface for new buildings-Install the lighting directly under the ceiling hanger to eliminate the need to use Chang 'an across the board.Use one wire to fix the lighting equipment with a weight of less than 10 pounds, and the two wires are diagonally opposite each other to support the lighting equipment with a weight of between 10 and 56 pounds.FEMA believes that lighting equipment weighing more than 56 pounds is "heavy" and requires additional methods to support the equipment.Surface must be suspended-The installed lamp, using an expansion anchor, weighs more than 56 pounds from a concrete slab of at least 4 inch thick.Vertical ribs or pipes--Steel plate attached to the concrete board and steel plate attached to the lighting equipment--Lighting will be supported.The threaded rod hanger connects the mounting plate of the lighting equipment to the steel plate closest to it.
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