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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-09

Line color codes are standardized in North America.The black line always indicates the positive line or hotline of the current, while the white line indicates the negative line, also known as the neutral line or the return line.The ground wire is either kept bare or covered with green insulation.It is red when there is extra hot wire.Ceiling fixtures almost always have black and white wires.In rare cases, the kit may include a wire in red and yellow.In this case, red is hot.An additional red line in the electric box may be an additional hotline for the fan.Test the wires in the ceiling box with a voltage tester.If there is an extra red line, you should get a 120 V reading when you touch the terminals of the tester to the red and white wires.When you touch the end of the black and white wire with the voltage tester, it should be the same as the measurement.Turn off the power supply of the circuit by flipping the switch or turning off the circuit breaker in the main panel of the control circuit.Check the wire again with the voltage tester to verify that there is no voltage reading.Screw the thread cap onto the red line and push it into the box.When the lid is fully tightened, make sure there is no metal display outside the lid.Use pliers to twist the black line from the residential circuit clockwise with the black line of the lamp.Screw on the online cap when they are safe.Repeat the process with white lines.The lamp may have bare ground wire or green insulated ground wire.Tighten it with the bare wire from the residential circuit and screw it to the wire cap.Push the wire into the electric box.Install the lamps with the included hardware.Turn off the power supply of the lighting circuit and then check the wire with the voltage tester to verify that there is no voltage reading.Use pliers to unscrew the red line on the lamp with the black line on the house circuit.Cap the wires.Tighten the white line from the residential circuit with the white line or yellow line from the lamp and cover it.If there is a third wire, it is either bare or green or blue.Screw it with the bare wire on the house circuit.If there is no third line, ground the fixture by connecting the bare wire to the metal base of the fixture.You may need to install a ground screw.Drill a hole on the metal base of the fixture slightly smaller than the diameter of the green grinding screw.Screw into the ground screw.Wrap the grounding wire around and tighten the screw.
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