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by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-07

One thing people are doing is replacing eyeballs or embedded lighting with more modern chandeliers.The chandelier is especially popular in kitchen island and breakfast bar.The electrician can do this for you, but it's expensive.You can achieve the same look by doing it yourself, and save a few hundred dollars in the process.Worth Home Products has made a screw in the pendant light kit to convert the eyeball light into a pendant light simply by screwing the new light into the existing lamp socket.Buy value instant hanging light/insert light conversion kit.These are all available online via Amazon.com.Home Depot has similar products.Power off the room you are working on.You need to go to your breaker box and flip the breaker switch to the room.Use a flat head screwdriver to pry the metal "eyelid" of the eye lamp ".Twist the bulb.Measure the distance between your ceiling and where you want to hang the pendant shadow.Adjust the wire length on the new insert lamp accordingly.Just untie or wrap the wires around the "handle" near the top of the lamp.Twist the chandelier into the lamp holder of the eye lamp on the ceiling.When the canopy is mounted on the hole, the wire handle will be hidden in the recessed light tube.Slide the metal canopy up until it is flush with the ceiling.Screw it in place with a small piece of metal under the canopy.This will hide the holes and cans recessed into the lamp.The canopy may not be placed flush on the ceiling at first, but once the tension is set on the hanging light, the canopy can be adjusted a little and it will be placed flush.Put the lampshade on the other end of the lamp line.Look at the interior of the lampshade.Place two rings around the lamp socket.Put the gasket on first, then screw it on the other lap.Add a new light bulb.Repeat the above steps with other lights you are replacing.Turn the electricity back on.Turn on the lights and enjoy your new look.
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