Add an 'artifact', the fan light becomes intelligent in seconds!

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-09
Ceiling fan lamp is the perfect combination of lamp and ceiling fan. It has not only the decoration of lamp but also the practicability of fan. It is the perfect embodiment of classical and modern. It is the first choice for interior decoration and is deeply loved by people. Our common ceiling fan lamp is either a cable or a wall hanging switch or a remote control switch. Today, snooker Meiju adds an artifact to the fan lamp to redefine the ceiling fan lamp and make the ceiling fan lamp smart; Get up. You didn't get it wrong, just change a small accessory- Intelligent ceiling fan controller, ceiling fan lamp immediately turned into intelligent ceiling fan lamp. Can be remote, voice, and can automatically turn on and off the fan according to changes in temperature and humidity. Let your home's fan light have one more selling point. The intelligent control kit for the floating fan lamp of snooker Meiju is designed for the conventional fan lamp in the market. It can be directly installed and used, directly connected for processing, without changing the line, and can be used universally! With intelligent gateway can realize mobile phone APP control, voice control, remote control, and other functions, fast and convenient!
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