About the hotel restaurant chandeliers

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-11
Compared with the home decoration restaurant chandeliers, the hotel restaurant chandeliers will have a wide range of choices and many styles. For example, some high-end hotels are very particular about restaurant chandeliers. Today we will talk about those things about hotel restaurant chandeliers. First of all, the light source of the restaurant chandelier is also a point that cannot be ignored. Restaurant, should use low color temperature incandescent lamp, milk white bulb or frosted bulb, diffuse light, not dazzling, with natural light, more friendly and soft. The color temperature of the fluorescent lamp is high, under the light, it is white, the face of the person looks pale and blue, and the color of the food is also different. Lighting can also use mixed light sources, I . e. low color temperature lamps and high color temperature lamps. The effect of mixed lighting is quite close to that of sunlight, and the light source is not monotonous and can be selected. Secondly, most people may only emphasize the form of lamps when choosing chandeliers in restaurants. In fact, everyone should know that the lighting mode of restaurants is local lighting, therefore, it is advisable to choose a Hood type, multi-head type, combination type restaurant chandelier; The form of lamps and lanterns should be consistent with the overall decorative style of the restaurant; Meet the requirements of bright, soft and natural illuminance required by the restaurant atmosphere; Generally, it is not suitable to use upward-looking lamps. The lighting of the restaurant is of course more than one part, and there must be related auxiliary lights to play the role of the dining environment. For example, install some wall lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, etc. You should know that auxiliary lighting is not mainly for lighting, but to create an atmosphere.
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