3 tips for dining room lighting

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-06-13
Just in time for the holiday party, Michael Murphy, the design and trend producer of the light fixture Plus, made his suggestions on restaurant lighting in a recent home online chat.
The following is his best advice.
Where should the chandelier go?
Place a restaurant chandelier in the center of the table and place it on a table about 30 to 34 inch
Height of foot ceiling.
If your ceiling is higher, increase the chandelier by 1 feet for every 3 inch increase in ceiling height.
\"The lighting on the chandelier, regardless of the environment, should make the room, people, furniture and precious items look the best,\" Murphy said . \".
\"Therefore, it is important to hang the chandelier in the right position and at the right height for maximum impact.
\"How big should it be?
To prevent guests from hitting their heads, the chandelier should be 12 inch narrower than the table, at least 48 inch from the wall.
Here is a convenient method equation: take the size of your room (
Such as 12 feet by 14 feet)
And add them together (so 26).
The width of the chandelier in inches is very good.
How about other lighting?
Your Daily lighting may be too bright to create an intimate holiday dinner.
But too little light may make guests wonder what they are eating.
\"For any room, in this case, the dining room needs multiple lighting floors,\" Murphy said . \".
This may mean candles on the table, ceiling lights on dimmers, and even key lights on the side table.
\"Use a lower dimmer if you don\'t have a dimmerwattage bulbs.
More information from the Washington Post: Is Your House hospitableready?
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