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Chaotic Phenomenon in The Industry


Lighting industry has developed quickly, the delay in the introduction of national standards; shoddy lighting products on the market appear frequently now.


In face of fierce competition in lighting industries, some small businesses are breaking the quality bottom line with low-cost strategy to snatch the market under the pressure of survival.


Lighting parameters are various, and consumers do not have the professional knowledge and can not distinguish the quality; usually quality problems will appear after a year or so.


Illegal enterprises are becoming more and more, product quality can not be guaranteed (there is no R & D team, production equipment and testing equipment).

Cooperate with Famous Brand Company to Serve EME

As a professional customized lighting manufacturer, we would like to cooperate with famous brand company to serve EME together. Besides skilled workers to provide high quality products, We also have a strong research, design team, technology team and development team to launch novel ideas on lighting. We’ll support you from all aspects to serve EME well.

5 Advantages in EME Lighting Company

1、Professional Design Team
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Bill Lee      
President & Principal Design Consultant
   May Yang      
Executive Director & Designer
Marco Palandella      
Lighting Designer          

Irene Ng      
Anna Fu      
Roberto Corradini      
Lighting Designer

2、Professional Technologhy Team view more>>

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4、Superior Production Environment view more>>

Assembly Line
Dust-Free Assembly Workshop
Metal Workshop

5、Large Led Lighting Projects All Over The World view more>>
Zhanjiang Crowne Plaza Hotel
Palazzo Delle Nazioni  Zhanjiang Crowne Plaza Hotel Ligao Zhongshan Plaza

Excellent Products Display

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