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by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-01

Recently, the 'Guidelines for the Maintenance Costs of Urban Lighting Facilities in Zhuhai City (Trial)' (hereinafter referred to as 'Guidance Standards') was publicized to the public. After the implementation of the 'Guidance Standards', it will provide relatively reasonable management funds and scientific management funds for the city's 120,000 LED street lamps to ensure the LED street lamp management level.

Since 2012, Zhuhai City has promoted the use of LED street lamps. The renovation of LED street lamps has been basically completed. The number of LED street lamps newly built, renovated and piloted in the city has reached more than 120,000 baht. Since the national, provincial (municipal) and related industries have not issued corresponding standards for the maintenance of LED street lamp maintenance, the current implementation plan for the maintenance of traditional street lamps in Zhuhai City was issued in 2011, and its cost standard is relative to current prices and labor. Low. In order to ensure the reasonable maintenance of the daily maintenance of LED street lamps, the district and related custody units are provided with scientific and reasonable reference basis for the preparation of departmental budgets. For this reason, the Municipal and Forestry Bureau of Zhuhai City has compiled the Guiding Standards.

 Urban lighting maintenance work mainly includes power distribution facilities, line facilities and lighting facilities. The maintenance requirements such as the power distribution equipment are working properly and the power supply is reliable; the line facilities must be smooth, the lines and accessories are intact; the lighting rate of the city lighting is 98% (97% of the national standard), lamps, poles, The maintenance door and grounding device are complete, and the facility integrity rate is 98% (95% of the national standard).

 Then, what is the specific custody fund in the Guiding Standards? It is understood that sodium lamp and other traditional street lamp maintenance unit price (including traditional lamps) is 310 yuan / 盏 · year, LED street lamp warranty period (excluding lamps) maintenance unit price is 270 yuan / 盏 · annual metering, warranty period outside LED lights maintenance The unit price standard is 405 yuan / 盏 · year (including replacement of light bulbs and power supply and labor costs, machinery and materials, etc.). The annual maintenance cost standard for floodlighting and landscape lighting is based on the annual maintenance cost of 5%-10% of the cost of a single lighting project settlement price.

 The Guiding Standards will provide a strong guarantee for the city's refined management. It is reported that the applicable period of the pilot trial standard is tentatively set at three years. After the country or industry has issued corresponding indicators, it will be adjusted according to the situation. The districts of our city can be implemented according to their actual conditions. For example, the operating conditions of islands and land are different, the labor costs are different, and the transportation costs of materials are different. The maintenance unit price can be moderately floated according to the actual situation.

Intern Editor: Yang Zhiwei

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