Zhejiang Jiaxing Mr. Zhou all copper chandelier installation effect Real shot appreciation

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-20
The all-copper chandelier purchased by Mr. Zhou of Zhejiang province was installed today! The customer, Mr. Zhou, specially arranged a new house for his son, and the furniture at home had basically entered the scene, so he began to buy lamps. According to the decoration style of the home, the customer chose the new all-copper chandelier SZ50842- 12, the lamp is a double-layer design, the first layer is 8 side covers, the second layer is 4 side covers. All-copper lamp plate, Jade ball, lamp wall is a distinctive black bronze color, an atmosphere and fashion all-copper living room chandelier, set off the whole living room more grade. The balcony is SZ07018- 04 all-copper semi-pendant lamp, this all-copper semi-pendant lamp is a distinctive water-grain glass lampshade and all-copper lamp body, which makes the whole lamp look more textured, with soft light and creates a warm and comfortable environment. The following is a real shot of the customer's installation effect. All copper living room chandelier SZ50842-12 all copper semi-chandelier SZ07018-04
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