you thought ranch houses were boring? then you haven\'t seen these

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-05
The ranch house has received a bad reputation.
Although they are angry from their 1940 s to their 70 s, they seem to be endless untouched lands, classic low levels in the midst of suburban fanatic growth
Slung\'s house was no longer popular at the end of last century.
Perhaps the rise of the post-80 s McMansion, or higher land costs require developers to get more return on investment. That one-
Interior-focused storyteller
Outdoor Life, informal and humble-
No night on the 20 th.
Bags of Century America
But the ranch can feel good about itself again. In this post-
In the era of \"Mad Men\", people rediscover the simple life of these iconic residences, marking them as medium
Century, instead of transforming the house into a complete Don Draper--worthy.
Some people are even building new high-end apartments.
The home of the story dates back to the history of the ranch.
Here are some of the most popular items in our list.
Address: 2780 sandike Road, Pasadena, CAPrice: $1,349,000
Ranch designed by Little Harold bisner
It is equipped with a suitable design, a chandelier at your fingertips, connecting its 1961 th birthday to today\'s modern furniture.
It has the sign of the ranch, with vaulted ceilings and glass walls.
Pay attention to the touch of Frank Lloyd Wright red, and the period touch of the lime chair and carpet. ------
Address: 2665 southwest West Point Avenue, Portland, Oregon: $575,000, although the list suggests buyers \"update and make this home a showcase again,\" it\'s very impressive in its current state, especially considering its humble appearance. Also: It\'s big.
The living room of these five people-bedroom, three-3,556-bathroomsquare-
The foot house is the size of a big piano.
\"Please note that it has two built-in
In the bar, one in the main living area and one in the finished basement. ------
Address: ILPrice St. Charles Wild Rose Road 4N003: $529,500 built by architect Jack Marshall in 1961, all Ranch glass glory, architecture-
Original lamps and tiles. The four-
3,407 square feet bedroom home in 1. 4 acres.
Also pay attention to the stained glass panel in the living room and the fireplace on the stone wall.
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