You should know the basic knowledge of copper lamp maintenance

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-23
Copper lamps are noble and elegant. Now many people choose copper lamps for decoration, especially Villa decoration. Copper lamps have become essential lamps. However, some people have installed copper lamps, but they don't know how to maintain them at ordinary times. The following is the basic knowledge of copper lamp maintenance told by snooker Meiju. First of all, starting from the installation, in the space where the copper lamp is installed, keep the room as dry and ventilated as possible, and do not contact with acidic and corrosive liquids or gases, otherwise it is easy to oxidize and cause rust, affect the appearance. Second, copper lamps are widely used, sometimes installed in wet places such as restaurants, toilets, bathrooms, etc. , so it needs to be cleaned frequently. Once mild corrosion is found, wipe it clean with a clean dry cloth. Some places that cannot be removed can be cleaned with detergents such as Belle beads. But be sure to remember that it cannot be left on the lamp body, so that the lamp body can be kept beautiful. Three, large copper lamps generally have high installation space, the lamp body structure is relatively complex, and many safety measures are also needed in the maintenance process, so it is best to be handled by professionals. Copper lamps must be maintained during normal use so as to prolong the service life of copper lamps.
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