You have to know the three main points of outdoor wall lamp installation

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-24
Nowadays, many people install some wall lamps outdoors in order to facilitate outdoor lighting when decorating villas. Today, Xiaobian will take you to understand the three main points of outdoor wall lamp installation. First, the determination of the installation position of the outdoor wall lamp, we all know that the distance determines the lighting effect, in order to consider the convenience of installation and maintenance, in general, the height of the outdoor wall lamp needs to be 2 from the ground. 2-2. About 5 m, but if it is on the workbench, it needs to be 1. 5 M about can be. Second, wiring preparation, first need to connect the outdoor wall lamp wiring, using the connection can be controlled by the switch. After that, apply the wiring, use the cable switch, apply the wiring, and use the concealed key switch. In addition, the switch selection of outdoor wall lamp needs to ensure whether the operation organization reaction of the switch is sensitive and light, and whether the switch can be switched at will instantly. Third, after the fixed position of the outdoor wall lamp is determined, the back plate of the wall lamp is installed first. At first, the back plate needs to be fixed by adopting the method of embedded parts or punching holes, and then the whole lamp body is installed, fixed on the wall, try to use it normally after installation, if you can, then reinforce the wall lamp.
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