You can't miss the full copper lamp for home decoration

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-31
All-copper lamps are loved and purchased by many consumers because they can bring elegance and fashion to the room. Although more types and styles of lighting have entered the market, just like a pair of positions to compete with all-copper lamps, but more high-tech technologies make all-copper lamps more delicate and more suitable for modern home decoration, coupled with the advancement of copper pressure groove, polishing, soldering and other technologies, all-copper lamps have become more modern lines and magnificent shapes, becoming a highlight of modern living rooms, and the nobleness and elegance they represent cannot be replaced. The living room is a space where people often move, so it should be bright and atmospheric. Generally, all-copper lamps of hanging roof type are selected; The bedroom is a place to rest. The brightness requirement is not high. It should be kept in a hazy state. Generally, a ceiling-type full copper lamp is selected; The restaurant should be considered comprehensively. Generally, as long as the brightness is medium, it is enough. Some ceiling lamps can be installed on the wall as an aid. There is no need to install the main lamp, but the brightness on the table should be appropriately improved, A hanging copper lamp can be installed on the dining table to set off the warm and romantic atmosphere of dining. Generally, there are no special requirements, and the degree of light and shade can be determined according to one's own preferences. It is best to configure local lighting, such as some wall lamps can be installed in the living room and bedroom. (For more details, please consult: 400-800-7609)
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