You are still worrying about identifying all-copper lamps, and you are out!

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-29
What are the identification methods of all copper lamps? The first step: scraping, scraping is an effective method of identification, with a knife or a small setback in the entire copper lamp, gently scraping, see what color the scraps are. If they are gold or gold-white, then more than 99% of them are copper. If the scraps are white or silver, then more than 99% of it is not copper. Step 2: Touch and touch the surface of the all-copper lamp. The surface of the good all-copper lamp has been polished and polished without any burrs and places that can make your hands feel uncomfortable, it also reveals the unique coolness of copper. Step 3: Listen to the sound of the all-copper lamp. The sound of the good all-copper lamp is either thick, deep, or clear and pleasing to the ear. Their common feature is that the sound is clean and free of noise, while the sound of the inferior copper lamp is erratic, there is a sense of emptiness and noise. Step 4: look at the surface: the surface treatment process of high-quality all-copper lamps is complicated, and each process has its own value. A layer of protective film is attached to the surface evenly and densely, this fine protective film can isolate the air and prevent the surface of the copper from being oxidized. Colleagues increase the gloss of the surface of the copper. Look at the color: most of the copper parts have been polished, glazed, and coated, showing the original color, while copper plating is generally bright and brighter. Good copper lamp body color is natural and smooth, except for the highlights, there is no color spot, the color is consistent, uniform, firm, and not easy to fade and drop, due to the film, and not easy to oxidize. Look at the Workmanship: the workmanship of high-quality copper lamps, whether it is a large area of the lamp body outline, or a small area of local carving, a petal, a crescent, can be said to be silky, seamless, all reflect the ingenuity of the craftsman. All-copper lamps are divided into yellow bronze, red bronze, green bronze, new bronze, golden bronze, etc. It is not made of different copper materials, but the color matching of baking varnish is different. Baking varnish is to coat the surface of copper lamp with pigment, change the true color of copper after baking at high temperature. Of course, the color of all-copper lamps can be customized according to the customer's preference. As shown in the figure, the colors of several all-copper lamps are shown in Figure 1: yellow Bronze Figure 2: Red Bronze Figure 3: Green Bronze Figure 4: New Bronze
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