Year-end inventory: LED industry 2013 'hot words'

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-01-27


In 2013, when the Chinese dream was embraced together, the lighting and lighting industry was also hot and exciting. At the time of the rapid development of the LED wall sconce industry, in the market redistribution of cakes, the lighting industry in 2013 ushered in unprecedented opportunities and challenges, of course, the risks are also in the shadow. Along with the rapid development of the lighting and lighting industry and the involvement of more capital power, lighting companies, especially listed companies, frequently experienced high-level turmoil in 2013. The involvement of capital has gradually weakened the authority of the founders of the company; the arrival of the LED wave has made the various types of talents cross-flow more frequently. In the transition, in the capital, in the actual operation, if the enterprise can not adjust in time, it is not accidental that there is a phenomenon of high-level changes or loss in the operation.

 hot spot

 On May 28th, Foshan held the 2012 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders to select the new company leadership. EME served as the CEO of GE China Water Treatment Group Greater China 2. NVC : Wu Changjiang returns to the board of directors

 On June 21, NVC  held an annual general meeting. Wu Changjiang and Wang Dongming were recommended as executive directors of NVC . This is the end of May 2012, after Wu Changjiang resigned as the chairman of NVC  and returned to the board after 13 months.

 3. Samsung LED: Tang Guoqing is the general manager of China

 At the beginning of 2013, Tang Guoqing, the general manager of Cree's China market, turned to be the general manager of Samsung LED China, bringing localization strategies to Samsung and formulating specific product strategies.

 Running 88°C

 Despite the frequent emergence of the wall sconce terminal market in 2013, the news of the collapse of small and medium-sized enterprises and the news of the bosses running one after another.

 Indeed, the cake is big, everyone is jealous, the enterprise in order to pursue market share, excessive use of financial leverage, resulting in a broken capital chain; in order to expand sales, earn meager profits, desperately lower the price of the product; or the boss does not understand LED but rushed Into the LED, the result, resulting in the end of the harm. And these companies will eventually become a bubble in the industry reshuffle.

 hot spot

 1. Xiong Kee boss Xie Yingxiong Meizhou was captured

 On July 2nd, Xie Yingxiong, the owner of Guzheng Xiongji  Factory, ran a long way, and the wages owed to employees were nearly one million yuan, and the amount owed to suppliers was about 50 million yuan. On July 17, Xie Wei, deputy general manager of Xiongji  Factory, surrendered. On July 18, Xie Yingxiong was captured in Meizhou. You can also follow our official WeChat (public account Jizheng Building Materials Network) and Sina Weibo.
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