Yan value does not rely on 'P', all copper lamps are willful!

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-05
This online shopping is no longer a new thing, large and small items can be purchased online, mobile phone operation orders, convenient and fast. However, one thing that is not good is that you can't see the real thing, you can't see it, you can't touch it, and you are afraid that it will appear too far from the picture effect. Take the light bought online now as an example. As a salesman, we often encounter some customers who worry that the real thing does not match the picture. When buying, there are always various concerns and entanglements for a long time. In fact, from another angle, it is very normal to have this concern. After all, buying lamps online is also a big expense. In case it is inappropriate to buy them, it is really time-consuming and laborious. However, Xiao Bian told you not to worry about this and that when buying all-copper snooker lamps. Why? Look at the beauty of our snooker all-copper lamp, you will understand. Xiaobian can't help but bask! On a refreshing summer day, Miss Wang, a customer from Lianyungang, Jiangsu, officially moved into her new home today and installed the lamps a few days ago. The customer is quite satisfied with the installation effect. Miss Wang found us on the Tmall of snoomeiju, because the home decoration needs to find a batch of all-copper lamps that match the home decoration style. In the communication with the customer, we learned the basic information of the customer's floor height, area, decoration style and so on. Considering comprehensively, we recommended SZ50768 series chandeliers to the customer as the main lamp. The customer saw that he also liked this style very much, but the problem was that he did not see the real thing, did not know whether the quality was good, and the installation effect was good. At the same time, we also provided customers with real pictures of our exhibition hall, including real pictures of other customers' installation, to help customers make real-life matching effect pictures. After this installation, the customer was full of praise for the installation effect, and also pushed to the neighbors, saying that the all-copper lamp of our snooker is really good and worth buying. The main lamp is SZ50768- 11B, white frosted glass lampshade, the light-off effect is as good as the light-on effect! Children's Room bedside wall lamp is installed SB03109- 01, the light is soft, and the whole bedroom is very warm! After watching the plain photo of snooker's all-copper lamp, are you still worried that the real thing will not match the picture? All copper lamps are selected for snooker beauty residence: 400-800-7609.
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