Xiamen many schools to implement health light environment transformation LED lighting effectively reduce the rate of myopia

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-28
Xiamen many schools to implement health light environment transformation LED lighting effectively reduce myopia rate is 0 - - - - - - 0 of the primary and middle school students myopia problem, has been the social attention. Have, according to data of xiamen city elementary and middle school students myopia rate is slightly higher than the national average, which pupils myopia rate is around 0%, about 0% of junior high school students, high school students is more than 0%. A high incidence of myopia, younger age trend, serious influence children's physical and mental health. Recently at the xiamen city school light environment and health seminars with the eye, to further improve the classroom lighting and lighting conditions, protect children vision health. Primary and middle schools in the regular classroom lighting design installation requirement, approved month day, total bureau of national market supervision and management, the national standardization management committee approval issued 'ordinary small and medium-sized school classroom lighting design installation requirement' and so on a national standard. This batch of standard involving sectors, wide coverage, in particular, some health and safety standards, public services is closely related to every life. In the protection of health and safety in among them, including primary and middle schools in the regular classroom lighting design and installation of health requirements, the national standards for small and medium-sized school regular classroom desktop, the blackboard surface illumination installation requirement in detail and design regulations, for the protection of teenagers vision has positive significance. Data xiamen students myopia rate is slightly higher than average, stability has fallen in recent years, xiamen primary and secondary school health care director doctor qiu said love, care each year more than 0 student data collection, data display, xiamen, student's health problems mainly is myopia, caries ( Tooth decay) And obesity. The problem of myopia. However, in recent years, the zhuhai with drop in primary and middle school students myopia rate has been steady, slowly close to the national average. Qiu said love, there are many factors which can cause myopia, from the point of the research results, lighting and adopts adjustable desks and chairs, can obviously improve the student's eyesight. “ Through comparing found years data, to complete the classroom lighting transformation of school, students myopia rate fell slightly, modification of school not myopia rate rise. Judging from this, visual acuity and visual environment. ” He said. Contrast light transformation can improve myopia defective rate, the student three years vision flat Peking University institute of child and adolescent health bear, according to a study of classroom lighting transform the classroom lighting environment, significantly increased to a certain extent, can prevent vision loss of primary and middle school students and reduce the rate of poor vision of new hair. 0 years to complete the classroom lighting reform experimental school as the school project, the five margin against several other have not of the schools of the reform of classroom lighting, analysis it is concluded that the annual physical examination data, we have learned, five yuan experimental school in 0 for both classroom lighting lighting is reformed, the original of the fluorescent lamp ( The fluorescent lamp) Converted into no stroboscopic LED lights. 0 in the summer, all ordinary school classroom, special classroom, the teacher's office, conference room lighting lighting all replacement for no stroboscopic LED lights. Measures & other; Light environment health & throughout; Engineering for the students to establish health files as we have learned, xiamen is 0 to many schools implemented & other; Light environment health & throughout; The reconstruction project. After modification, classroom desks and illumination of the blackboard, intensity of illumination evenness indexes meet the national standard requirements, such as reducing the rate of new students myopia. City bureau of education, deputy director of Chen Zhen said, protect students eyesight is a comprehensive project, in addition to improving the light environment, multi-pronged. 0 in the city, the district bureau of education, for example, signed with the school responsibility, guarantee of small and medium-sized students every day, hours of campus sports activities; Increasing the mid-term exam sports scores, from 00 years 0 points up to now. 0 years, students eyesight was incorporated into junior high school teaching quality comprehensive evaluation. At the same time, the city bureau of education for each student set up & other; Health archives & throughout; , a detailed record of the students' basic information and health, vision is important content. Education affairs accepts the center health care division for each semester students eyesight condition monitoring are made, and make students poor vision detection rate of new cases, all kinds of indexes such as statistical analysis, to have vision loss trend and mild myopia step management for students, and targeted to the implementation of the relevant measures to prevent myopia. In an article: 'healthy' light will be LED industry air port? Industry insiders say that! Next up: guangdong hotel manufacturer to tell you the lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns installation should pay attention to what aspects of the product is recommended
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