Wuhan Grace hotel engineering lighting successfully arrived in Han

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-21
Today, the last batch of engineering lamps and lanterns of Wuhan Grace Hotel was shipped smoothly. So far, all more than 2900 engineering lamps and lanterns of the project have been delivered. Wuhan Grace Hotel is located at the exit of Guanshan Avenue on the central ring road of Wuhan city, adjacent to Vanke city garden. It is a unique four-story building with countless sails on the roof and body. It seems that it is about to sail. Although it is close to the Optical Valley center, it can make people stay away from it and quietly show the grandeur of Chinese and Western. In order to achieve the perfect expression effect of this engineering lamp, snooker Mercure sent a professional designer team to the design side of Wu and Les hotel three times- The chief designer of Hubei Houxiang Design Co. , Ltd. has conducted many consultations and communications on the engineering lamps in its public areas and guest room areas. The design scheme of the whole engineering lamps was finally finalized after three major changes and modifications.
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