wooden wine barrel chandelier

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-07
For those who want to add dramatic wooden chandeliers to their favorite living spaces, fixtures made of warm oak recovered from wine barrels will add instant features to the room.
This lighting option combines a rich mix of wood and metal to offer a rustic yet elegant look. Naturally-
Since the wine or whisky barrel chandelier is made from barrels previously used to produce a batch of fine wines, the wood has a natural
It looks warm and charming.
In fact, this wood is often contaminated by past winemaking processes, and the color of the wood may vary from roasted brown to rich burgundy.
Adding metal, usually taken out of the barrel band to emphasize the fixture and fix the stick in place adds a strong and bold look to the fixture.
Depending on the design, this can have anything from an old iron to something very upscale that fits into a luxurious dining space or a gourmet kitchen.
Napa east wine barrel five-line spectrum ChandelierAmazon Price: $987.
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