With this all-copper chandelier, the living room grade is doubled!

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-08
In the living room decoration, the style of a chandelier directly affects the style of the whole living room. The characteristic of the chandelier is striking, so the style of the living room chandelier will directly affect the atmosphere of the whole living room. European-style all-copper living room chandeliers with metal decorations and glass decorations are magnificent, and the new Chinese all-copper chandeliers with crystal and glass shades and the taste of Chinese colors are more ethnic, the all-copper chandeliers made of glass covers of different colors are beautiful and elegant, and the bead curtain lamps give people an exciting, dazzling and gorgeous feeling, the all-copper living room chandelier made of soft cloth and silk is beautiful, soft and warm. 1, appearance and grade selection of living room decoration all copper chandeliers should take into account the harmony with the living room atmosphere, but also strive for elegance, and strive for luxury. The living room is the facade of the family. If the lighting is too common, it may not show your decorative sentiment and appear a little shabby. If it is too luxurious, it may make the visitors have too much psychological pressure, can't let go of hands and feet. The method of purchasing living room decoration living room chandeliers points out that the main lighting of the living room should not be too dark or dazzling in terms of appearance and grade. When there are few people in the living room, the main lighting can be turned off, in addition, turn on a wall lamp. 2, local lighting can use all-copper floor lamps, wall lamps, etc. , the effect of use and embellishment can meet the corresponding requirements. When watching TV and leisure reading, it is more suitable to choose floor lamps with high-pole all-copper lamps. The method of choosing all-copper lamps for living room decoration points out that in terms of local lighting, it is better to turn off the ceiling lamps when watching TV and reading, turning on the floor lamp will not only not glare, but also make the environment more quiet and elegant. 3. Overall lighting the method of selecting decorative lamps for living rooms can use dome lamps in overall lighting, and usually a single-headed or multi-headed all-copper lamp can be installed in the middle of the house as the main lamp, the living room is decorated with all-copper lamps to create a stable, generous, warm and warm atmosphere, so that guests can have a feeling of returning to their home. (1), if you are used to moving in the living room, the standing lamp and desk lamp in the living room space are mainly decorated, supplemented by functionality. Standing lamps and table lamps are auxiliary light sources that match each space. In order to facilitate coordination with space, all-copper chandeliers with too peculiar shapes are not suitable. (2), if the room is relatively high, it is advisable to use a three-prong to five-prong living room chandelier or a larger round all-copper chandelier, which can make the living room appear magnificent. However, it is not appropriate to use all copper chandeliers with downward light distribution, but to make the upper space have a certain brightness to reduce the brightness difference between the upper and lower spaces. (3), if the room is low, can use all copper ceiling lamps and floor lamps, so that the living room will look bright and generous, with a sense of civilized language, floor lamps with next to the sofa, decorative craft table lamps are added to the tea table on the side of the sofa, or lower wall lamps are placed on the nearby wall, so that not only local lighting is provided when reading, but also a cordial and harmonious atmosphere is added when meeting guests. In different situations and time periods, people's demand for light is also different. Bright and comfortable light helps to get along with the joy of the atmosphere, and reduces the burden on the eyes when relaxing, therefore, all-copper chandeliers have certain skills in choosing and matching.
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