will laser show spark sales at the crest?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-18
The laser show at the top of the mountain lasted until the end of this month. (
Photo: Chang Hui Chew)
If you happen to walk or bike through Crest Apartments this weekend, keep an eye out for the latest attractions of the development-free laser shows every Thursday night. The five-
The minute laser show starts on July 1 and lasts from eight o\'clock P. M. to nine o\'clock P. M. every Thursday to Sunday until the end of this month.
It is considered the first apartment to be involved in the development here.
Developer, Yongtai-
Led consortium built a tent along Alexandra Road to accommodate guests interested in capturing the lighting and sound landscape.
Sources close to the developer told property guru that the idea of the laser show was raised about two to three months ago to attract potential buyers.
Yongtai worked with Showtec Group, the company responsible for laser lighting display during the National Day parade, to produce the exhibition for $20,000 to $30,000.
It uses lasers to portray the unique architecture of the project.
The building was designed by Japanese architect Ito Toyo Ito, a Pritzker Award winner and looks like a tree in full bloom.
Approval must be sought from government agencies, including the Singapore Civil Aviation Authority (CAAS)
Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF)
And the National Environment Agency (NEA)
Continue the laser show.
Subsequently, brochures promoting laser performances were sent to nearby residents and Yongtai\'s customer base.
Looking ahead, several talks will be held in the Big Tent this month to attract crowds, including a meeting on the benefits of cycling (
The project is close to the bike lane by the Alexandra Canal).
In addition, property guru learned that a number of private events will be held in tents, including the Tian Fu club of the new immigration Association in mainland China and the wine tasting activities of overseas Chinese bank private bank customers.
The laser show was held at the same time as a performance by Yongtai.
Bedroom sports enable buyers to convert one
Two bedroom units.
Free interior design for $80,000.
The plans remain to be approved by the government.
Meanwhile, its buyers will receive a 15% discountto five-bedroom units.
Discount is not included and the price starts at $1.
0. 133 billion one
635 square feet bedroom area ($1,784 psf).
In May, 7 sets were sold for $1,707 psf.
Meanwhile, the laser show is expected to create some hype for the apartment, which has been in a downturn since its launch to buyers in the medium term2014.
123 units in 469 Taichung have been sold so far (
Project 26%).
Located in the prestigious Good Class bungalow (GCB)
In the area of jowois and Bishop\'s Gate, Crest is close to Hongshan Metro station and Orchard Road shopping belt. The 99-
The annual rental project is expected to win the championship in 2018.
Romesh Navaratnarajah, senior editor of Property guru, wrote the story.
To contact him with this or other story, please email romesh @ property guru. com.
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