Why is there a minimum order quantity requirement for customized engineering lights?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-27
Snooker Mercure is not only a manufacturer focusing on copper lamps for 18 years, but also a manufacturer that can provide various lamp customization services. When it comes to the customization of lamps, it has to be mentioned that there is a minimum number of customized engineering lamps. Usually we receive customized customers. If we are customizing small-sized engineering lights, we will tell the customer that we have a certain amount to customize. For this, our customers will not understand, you are manufacturers, don't you support customization? Why must there be a minimum order quantity to customize? Today, my editor-in-chief will tell you about the minimum number of customized engineering lights! If it is a custom-made hotel club or Villa hollow chandelier, customization of this type of large-sized lamps does not require a minimum order quantity, and large-scale lamp customization has a certain profit margin for manufacturers, this is beyond doubt, even if it is customized, there is no problem. If it is a small-sized lamp with personalized customization, and the number may be several or a single one, in this case, one of us is not customized, why? First, some small-sized lamps and lanterns even involve the need to open the mold. The cost of opening the mold is not a small amount. In this way, the cost of the whole lamp will soar, at the same time, the quotation will be correspondingly higher and the customer will not accept it. Second, usually this kind of customized personalized lamps, unlike the factory's conventional models, there will be fixed ingredients, materials need to be purchased separately, some custom lamps, even some screw fittings need to be purchased all over the material market to find them, or even can't be found. They need to be customized by the fittings factory alone, which is also a kind of cost increase. It is not cost-effective to customize a lamp in this way. 3. The production line of each factory has a fixed production plan. Usually, receiving a customization order will disrupt the original production plan of the factory and require a separate production line to be responsible for customizing lamps. Therefore, if the number of customized lamps is too small, it is obviously not cost-effective for the factory to open a separate production line. To sum up, I believe everyone knows the reason why there is a requirement for the number of customized engineering lamps. If you want to know more about engineering lights, please call the snooker hotline: 400-800-7609.
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