Why is the price of engineering lamps higher than that of conventional ones?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-27
When encountering customers who need to customize engineering lamps, the sales staff will quote. Customers can't help but complain, how is the price so high? You are too profitable! In fact, many people do not know why engineering lamps are more expensive than conventional lamps. As a manufacturer of customized lamps, engineering lamps are more expensive for some reasons. Customized Engineering lamps are generally more personalized and have not been produced in factories. First of all, the designer needs to draw according to the customer's requirements, and then the production department needs to make samples according to the designer's drawings. Like the engineering list, it is necessary to first make a sample and make a set of samples for the customer to see. If the customer is satisfied, the mass production can continue. When producing this lamp for proofing, the factory may need to reopen the mold. Industry people should know that the cost of developing a new mold is relatively high, so the cost increases. Customers who have customized engineering lamps should know that the price of the proofing lamp is definitely very high, because it contains the money for mold opening. Start mass production after passing. Because it is a customized lamp, the factory has to re-prepare the raw materials of the lamp and re-prepare the accessories during production. Including the transfer of some employees is also possible. Just like our snooker House, we produce all-copper lamps, so the factory basically produces all-copper lamps. When we meet customers who need to customize wrought iron lamps or marble lamps, we need to re-purchase raw materials and prepare accessories, which will result in incalculable time and labor costs. Therefore, customized engineering lamps will naturally cost more than conventional lamps. Just like you tailor-made clothes, it is definitely more expensive to order a piece of clothes according to your size and materials than to buy a piece of conventional clothes. This is why the price of engineering lamps is higher than that of conventional lamps. Do you understand?
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