Why does the production time of all-copper lamps need 20 -? 25 days?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-27
Q: There are no lights in stock. The salesperson and I said that it takes 20- 25 days, why is the production time of the all-copper lamp in snooker so long? A: The reasons for the long production time of snooker all copper lamps are as follows: 1. In order to avoid disrupting the original production plan, there will be a process of arranging orders. At the same time, lamps and lanterns are produced in batches, so the time will be longer. 2. In order to ensure the quality of lamps and lanterns, every full copper lamp in snooker is carefully crafted in 36 processes, and many processes need to be completed manually, such as manual color wiping, manual soldering, manual oil sealing and other processes, these pure manual operations will take a relatively long time. 3. In order to facilitate the installation of customers, all lamps and lanterns are packaged as a whole. The lamps and lanterns are assembled by workers, tested, and packaged and shipped after strict inspection, this is also one of the reasons why snooker's all-copper lamps have been produced for a long time.
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