Why do you want to find a lighting manufacturer to buy all copper lamps?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-26
As a salesperson, I often hear a customer's question: Are you a manufacturer? Is it OEM, is it Factory Direct sales. . . . . . In fact, from the perspective of consumers, I will also care about this issue. For consumers, is it very important for lighting manufacturers to come, why? Let's talk about this problem. I have met many customers who are home decoration. When customers buy all-copper lamps, they are relative to the price. Customers are also concerned about the quality of lamps and lanterns, and the requirements for the quality of lamps and lanterns are relatively high. After all, it is their own household use. Lamps and lanterns are different from clothes. They are thrown away after the season and do not wear them. The number of lamps is less than ten years, and more is a lifetime. Therefore, the purchase of lamps needs to be cautious and cautious. Customers want to find lighting manufacturers because they think the manufacturers are reliable and the quality is guaranteed. Unlike some OEM merchants, the supply of goods is unstable, and the quality of lamps is also unsatisfactory. In order to maximize profits, regardless of product quality, deceive consumers. Everyone already has such a fixed idea, factory direct sales will be more affordable, not through a few hands turnover, the price is relatively not so high. If it is sold through several dealers, the price will definitely be much higher. Wholesalers should make profits, dealers should also earn certain profits, one after another, and sell them to consumers, the price of lamps is definitely high. Therefore, lighting manufacturers have price advantages for consumers. Another reason is that lighting manufacturers, as producers of lamps, are relatively familiar with the workmanship of lamps. If there are any problems with lamps, lighting manufacturers will solve them for customers in the first place, they are professional and know very well about lamps and lanterns. If they are ordinary dealers, they will definitely need to give feedback on the problems layer by layer before they can solve the problems for customers. In this way, the time will be compared, bringing a very bad shopping experience to customers. The above three points are the reasons why you are looking for a lighting manufacturer to buy all-copper lamps. Do you understand?
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