Why do you say that the study Full copper lamp should not be too large?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-28
The important principle of the choice of all-copper lamps in the study is that the lamps should not be too large, and the study area of ordinary families is usually moderate. If the large all-copper lamps that are not suitable for the study area are matched, it is easy for readers to feel oppressive, it is not conducive to the thinking and analysis of the readers, so it is suggested that the all-copper lamp chosen in the study should adapt to the area of the study, because it highlights the magnificence; Choose a large all-copper lamp. Only lamps of moderate size can make readers read or study in a relaxed and leisurely mood. The study light should not be too bright. It is advisable to consider that the study is a place for reading with soft light. If the light is too bright or too dazzling, it is not conducive to the reader's concentration and comfort, which will make the reader feel agitated and not calm, have Reading wasted effort of anti-effect. Therefore, it is suggested that the choice of all-copper lamps in the study should not be too bright, but should be soft. This can promote the efficiency of reading, and at the same time enable readers to acquire knowledge and expand themselves with a calm and comfortable attitude.
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