Why did you change from all-Copper Solder lamp to American all-copper lamp?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-27
The first snooker is mainly made of all-Copper Solder lamps, whether it is a lantern or a ceiling lamp or a wall lamp. At that time, the retro and elegant all-Copper Solder lamp was very popular with customers. The glass of various colors was spliced together by hand soldering, which was quite distinctive. However, in recent years, many customers have found that there are more and more American full copper lamps in snooker. In fact, we have made such changes to meet the market demand. Nowadays, the main force of consumption is at the end of the 80 s and the beginning of the 90 s. The aesthetics of this age group is different from that of the previous people. They are more free and free, so they are more inclined to simple styles, warm style. There is also a reason why people like American all-copper lamps. In fact, American style is actually a branch of modern style. Let's take the small size of the house, people can better match the decoration style, furniture and accessories designed for small apartments. American lamps are different from classical pure American lamps, which are aimed at small-space home style, its mix-and-match function completely removes space restrictions, allowing consumers who choose small-sized families to experience pure American life, so more and more young people choose American-style copper lamps.
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