Which is the best manufacturer for customizing engineering lamps?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-31
At present, whether in wearing or home decoration, people's requirements are getting higher and higher, not only the clothes worn on the body need to be tailored, but also the choice of copper lamps in home decoration is no exception, so how can we find a good engineering lamp customization manufacturer to create a suitable and beautiful copper lamp for our home decoration. Beautiful copper lamps are loved by everyone, and beautiful and affordable copper lamps can be regarded as the best. If you want to find a copper lamp manufacturer that can customize the best for your own home, you can find a snooker factory that customizes the lights. In order to meet the ideas of more customers and enrich more elegant demeanour, snooker Meiju engineering lighting customization manufacturers have professional designs by many senior designers and 18 years of experience in manufacturing copper lamps with their heart, which is technically further than their peers. In order to meet the customization needs of distinguished customers, snooker Mercure has launched a lamp customization service to achieve the highest level of lighting art with an extremely rigorous and refined attitude. The customer is God, and the customer is listed. 1. Communicate with customers and understand their needs and ideas. 2. Take customers to visit the sample exhibition hall, inspect the product technology, exchange the indoor configuration style requirements, and make an appointment with you on the interview time of the preliminary lighting scheme according to the detailed record analysis of the talks. 3, the door preliminary measurement, determine the lighting installation, placement, lighting volume. 4, multi-dimensional measurement, accurate measurement of the volume and layout of lamps in the use of space, including lamps and lanterns, including furniture, fabrics, carpets, decorative paintings, ornaments and other physical flow visual changes, color matching, material texture matching. 5, according to the actual results of the site, on-site drawing drawings. 6. Communicate the preliminary design plan with the owner. 7. Interview and negotiate the plan, and make adjustments to achieve satisfaction. 8. Keep communicating with the owner about materials, surface treatment, etc. during production, and invite customers to inspect the completion of lamps, etc. 9. After the completion of production, make an appointment for delivery and installation, and conduct trial installation, packaging and delivery of lamps. For more information on customized manufacturers of engineering lamps, please contact 400-800-7609
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