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by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-02
Compared with public spaces such as stations, airports and subways, lamps for hotel decoration projects first require to achieve a goal, that is, to fully reflect the quietness of the hotel, because it is a place for people to rest, if the design of the light is too mobile, it will not achieve the purpose of detaining the guests. Therefore, the design of hotel engineering lamps first requires to meet the requirements of kindness, warmth, safety, elegance, privacy, etc. Therefore, to sum up, the hotel engineering lamps should be rich, emotional, comfortable and pleasant, and must be clear and accurate in purpose, can fully display the lighting effect of different light sources. Therefore, we must classify the lighting properties of different functional areas and locations, arrange the location of lamps and lanterns and select the light source with extremely strong purpose, and must'Necessary lighting area'And'Secondary lighting area' To distinguish, we must also understand the effect of different lighting on guests' psychology and even the impact on hotel management. Obviously, decorative lighting is indispensable in commercial space. Lighting design is a very important factor in building a hotel. Hotels without professional lighting design cannot have the unique atmosphere of the hotel, and even cannot obtain good economic benefits. As a hotel, the first thing that comes into the eyes of the guests is the hotel lobby engineering lighting. Some people think that the lobby engineering lamps are mainly lighting, the brighter the better, especially in the lobby, it must be luxurious and stylish, so the light in the lobby must be done'Full of glory, leaving no dead ends'. In fact, this is only half right. In fact, in addition to the need for sufficient illumination, we believe that the entire hotel lobby engineering lamps should also be based on different functional areas in the lobby, subdivide the modeling and lighting of engineering lamps. Be targeted, rhythmic, expressive and infectious. For example, the rest area of the hotel lobby requires comfort and tranquility. The front desk of the hotel lobby, because it is the place to go through the formalities, requires that the engineering lamps must be bright. In addition, some hotels also design bars and other places, which require romance and warmth. In short, hotel lighting design is a science. Developed countries have professional companies specializing in various complex lighting designs. In the materials released after the completion of a large hotel, lighting design is often listed after Architectural Design as an important and independent item, but before interior design. In foreign countries, hotels without professional lighting design are unimaginable, so lighting design should pay attention to and coordinate all factors of hotel management at the beginning of design, which is a basic principle, it can't be ignored.
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