When the sales received an order for engineering lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-29
In the lighting capital of the ancient town, people come and go, basically linked to the lights. Even if she meets a busy office worker on the road, maybe she is the salesperson of the store. Whether it is the sales staff of the store or the sales staff of the online store, the knowledge of the lamps must be thoroughly familiar, otherwise how can the customer explain the professional knowledge of the lamps to the customer? Especially for some customized engineering lamps, it is difficult to take this kind of engineering order without certain judgment. If you are a salesman, when you receive an order for engineering lamps, what basic judgment will you have? Usually you should know the following information when communicating with customers on the first phone: 1. Is this project to specially customize lamps? Or choose a regular one? 2. What type of project is it? Is it a hotel project or a villa model room decoration? 3. Then you need to know how many quantities this project needs? Is the construction period longer or shorter? 4. According to the basic judgment through communication with customers, what role does the person who is on the phone with you play in the project? Is it the designer of this project, the buyer or the boss himself? Basically, the buyers or designers who come to consult in person are all buyers or designers. 5. Finally, there is a rough budget estimate. The price of engineering lamps made of different materials is also different. Iron, crystal and alloy will be relatively low. If it is copper, the price will be high as long as it is not copper plating. Therefore, it can be judged whether the demand for high-end lamps in this project is high-end or slightly low-end. As a salesperson, if you have the above-mentioned judgment ability before officially following up the customer, the follow-up will become smooth. For customers of engineering lamps and lanterns, in addition to services, sales must have a good understanding of their own products, so that customers can be more assured, trust the sales staff first, and then slowly believe in our products, then it is possible to reach a deal!
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