What should I pay attention to when buying a bathroom full copper lamp?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-11
As all copper lamps become more and more popular with consumers, all copper lamps become very versatile, which area is suitable for installation, and the bathroom is equally suitable. The bathroom is different from other areas, so it is necessary to know some precautions when choosing all copper lamps in the bathroom. 1. The bathroom copper lamp is best scrubbed with a dry rag and water. If you accidentally touch the water, you should immediately dry it, because the bulb will leak electricity and burst when it meets water. 2. When cleaning, if it is a cloth lampshade, remember not to wash it with water. Use dry detergent. If it is a glass lampshade, you can wash it with water. The lamp body can be wiped with a cloth. 3. It is a good method to clean the bathroom full copper lamp with vinegar. Soak the rag in vinegar and wring it out to wipe off the dust on the lamp. Because vinegar has the effects of cleaning and preventing static electricity, therefore, the full copper lamp wiped with vinegar is not only bright but also not easy to get dust. 4, the bathroom copper lamp can also be gently wiped with a feather duster, so as to avoid damaging the lamp.
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