What should I do if I join the scam? For your advice!

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-29
For a novice, the most fearful thing about opening a lighting store is that the lighting franchise is deceived. There is no in-depth understanding of the industry, and there is no experience. At that time, not only the store is not opened well, but it may also cause various losses. What should I do in case of a scam of lighting? Don't worry, snooker will help you. First, the peaceful solution: if it is introduced by an acquaintance, you can negotiate with the other party, clarify the interests, and then terminate the contract to achieve the purpose of refund, which can greatly reduce economic losses. Second, if it cannot be resolved peacefully, you can collect relevant contracts, documents, recordings, etc. , and seek help from relevant departments, such as local governments, industry and commerce departments. Third, through legal means to resolve disputes, prosecution, complaints to the local government, industrial and commercial departments, and retain the evidence on the hand, such as invoices, receipts, business transactions, etc. Fourth, the direct way is to report the case to the public security department where the company is located. It can also go to the China complaint network to make complaints, adopt various schemes, and adopt various methods to try to protect rights. In short, snooker is here to remind everyone, don't believe that the threshold is very low, it is easy to make money companies to join, most of them may be scams, because, as the saying goes: The sky will not fall pie, there will be no free lunch in the world!
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