What should be paid attention to when installing all-copper dining chandeliers?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-07
As the main place to enjoy delicious food, the lighting is especially important. The lighting can play a role in creating an atmosphere, so the lighting of the restaurant chandelier is very exquisite. Restaurant lighting, compared with lamps, spotlights, downlights, etc. , Xiaobian is more recommended to use all copper dining chandeliers. Because in addition to lighting, the all-copper chandelier can create a warm atmosphere for reunion. The focused light can enhance the color of the food. The fuller the color, the higher the happiness of eating. Therefore, what should we pay attention to when installing all-copper chandeliers in restaurants? 1. The center of gravity of the all-copper chandelier should be low enough, 65cm above the desktop-About 85cm is relatively moderate. If the height is too high, the light will diverge and the gathering effect will be lost. The light coverage is just within the dining table. 2. How much do you want to buy a copper restaurant chandelier? It is suggested that the diameter of the chandelier can be half the width of the dining table, so that the visual proportion is moderate. Too big or too small is easy to appear bloated or empty. (Suitable for single-head chandeliers) A moderate proportion will make the dining area full and layered. 3. The all-copper chandelier should be on top of the table center instead of in the center of the dining area. 4. The light of the all-copper dining chandelier is lower than that of the hanging and gathering. If the dining area is large, auxiliary light sources should be added around it to avoid the darkness around the middle. If opaque lampshades are selected, spotlights and rail lights can be appropriately added around the dining area for auxiliary lighting.
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