What material is the lampshade of the desk lamp?

by:EME LIGHTING     2021-03-22
Metal table lamp lampshade The modern and simple style metal table lampshade is not only practical, but also can be mixed and matched with various decoration styles. For the new type of LED lamps, the lampshade is generally made of metal. Many young people like the cool temperament and modernity of metal lampshades. Fabric table lamp shades in ancient and modern times, people * often use various cloths to make table lamp shades. Fabric table lamp shades are elegant and romantic. Silk table lamp shades are used in formal rooms or bedrooms. Linen cloth and textured lamp shades are suitable for family room. Or in small rooms, hand-sewn or hand-drawn cloth lampshades can add intimacy and softness to the room, with the warmth of home. The desk light line with cloth lampshade is relatively soft, it is easy to create a romantic and warm atmosphere, protect the eyes, and it is easy to replace and clean, but it is flammable, and the price of lamps made of handmade cloth will be higher. Glass lampshade Glass lampshade is also the most commonly used lampshade for table lamp. If it is dirty, wipe it clean, non-yellowing, good light transmission, and good weather resistance. The glass lampshade can choose the types of inner and outer coating, frosted, vacuum coating, frosted aluminum plating, electrostatic spraying, color spraying, etc. The color is particularly bright, especially when the lamp is turned on, the glass table lampshade is beautiful and full of light under the action of light. It is not only suitable for home use, but also suitable for entertainment and commercial use. At present, high-end LED indoor lamps and lanterns have adopted glass lampshades. But the glass lampshade is heavier and fragile, so choose carefully if you have children at home. Generally speaking, a glass cover for hanging high lights is better. Paper lampshades Making table lampshades with various paper materials is one of the family pleasures. There are parchment paper, kraft paper, and various colored papers. Housewives and children are good at making handmade paper lampshades, creating a hazy and dreamy atmosphere. Add infinite happiness to the home. The paper lampshades on the market are made of kraft paper laminated with PVC film, which is very durable, antique in style and full of antique colors. It is a very beautiful table lampshade. Acrylic table lamp lampshade Acrylic is plexiglass, the English abbreviation is PMMA. It is an important plastic polymer material that has been developed earlier. It has good transparency, chemical stability and weather resistance, and can be exposed to outdoor environments for a long time, optics and machinery. Performance will not degrade. The editor of China Lighting Network learned that the acrylic table lampshade has good toughness, is not easy to break, and has strong repairability. The light transmittance can reach 92%, but it is not scratch-resistant, the process is complicated, and the production cost is relatively high. Plastic table lamp shades Plastic table lamp shades include PVC lamp shades and PC lamp shades. This type of table lamp shade has good water resistance, durability, corrosion resistance, light weight, aging resistance, bright color, flexible processing, and low price, but this type of table lamp shade is poor in environmental protection. , Prone to deformation at high temperature for a long time.
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