What is the shortcut of developing five-star hotel lighting market?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-27
- - - - - - - - - - - - Standing in the party a to party a, standing in the party b to party a, also do a good lighting enterprise, is to want to customers think, solve customer can do things. In addition to local tyrants ground walk in the Middle East, everywhere top stars, star hotel, in China in recent years, the country's new star hotel was small, but the number of many, many design companies are trying to develop this kind of high-end market, one is to improve the company reputation, the second can improve the profit margin, the absolute is a good idea to fully staffed. Before action, let's look at the star hotel lighting market what are the barriers? Does the overall design of high-end atmosphere. Does lighting design humanization. Does the product demand is high, can meet the needs of party a's pain points. The first step to form a good team to design high-end atmosphere, first you have to have a trustworthy design team, it is very important to find a good design director, he determines the upper limit of the team, to find a group of designers, industrious and unity, persistence, struggle, with this spirit, success is not matter. The second step was the shortcut to understand just for modelling, for his eyes to find beauty services this concept is very important, now a lot of design plagiarism is very serious, did not go to the modelling of deconstruction architecture and the needs of users, lighting design needs a punchline, below the design concept of the dragon, for example, we can feel the inside of the trenches and not cool. But high star hotel customers requirements, to enjoy, must consider mainly use of human behavior characteristics, recreational area, if you want to read. Need to have the light, not too bright or too dark, can't dazzling; The banquet hall, not only to fully, bright light, no glare, also need to provide beautification function of food, to boost appetite. Step 3 good product is muti plan implementation process, is the process of word of mouth to establish. Can perfectly stylist concept and perfection the effect of the product is good product. Design results obtain party a's approval at the same time, the product hit demand (party a, is more advantageous to facilitate the project reach, now the hotel lighting applications, there is a pain points customers often have to face the problem. (because the floor is too high, banquet hall and lobby for Angle adjustment of lamps and lanterns, once party a adjust decoration, furniture placement, at this time again to adjust the lighting Angle, human cost a lot of material and financial resources. Pain points many banquet hall and conference hall is sharing, meeting and banquet lamplight demand is actually not the same, meeting needs of light bright and uniform, light need relatively concentrated, the party in the lighting design of the past, such a banquet hall would favour the use of the conference hall in the lighting design requirements. With the upgrading of products, velia lighting intelligent wireless adjustable shoot the lamp to be perfect to solve this pain spot market demand. Velia intelligent wireless installation height - adjustable to shoot the light, the product features M floor; Vertical wireless electric adjustable Angle & plusmn; Degree; Level of wireless intelligent control electric adjustable Angle characteristics of the network function, set, episodic memory, a key draw on, bad light and lost to remind function, visual interface operation, precise positioning control. Team and the design is the foundation, with the advantages products is the key, find the pain points of customer, this is a shortcut to develop five-star lighting market.
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