What is the lamps and lanterns make to order? Custom process of lamps and lanterns have?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-23
What is the lamps and lanterns make to order? Custom process of lamps and lanterns have? 0 - 0 - Lamps and lanterns as a decorative and practical consumer goods, everybody when choosing lamps and lanterns is according to their own taste, and on the other hand is also need to conform to the overall style of housing. Choose lamps and lanterns made also can very good satisfy these two points, such as in high-end hotels, restaurants, real estate between example, or hotel and so on, will choose custom lamps and lanterns, to meet the needs of the overall pattern and their own. So what is the lamps and lanterns, order process of lamps and lanterns have? Non-standard lamps and lanterns made what do you mean? In simple terms, non-standard is a standard size. According to the size of the specific requirements, lamps and lanterns of choose favorite style to complete the order. Keep the original product quality, according to the size, change the lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns of style of height width and so on custom. Tailor may be now this day and age, we often hear a word, we wear clothes can choose custom, now custom home decoration is the choice of a lot of friends, but during this time will certainly have a lot of questions. Customize the lamps and lanterns have what skills? A lot of friends like when lamps and lanterns made according to the architect's plan to do, whether in style or the overall lighting effects are the important factors which take into consideration. And at the time of custom lamps and lanterns is also a skilled, first is about the radiator, it is related to the overall lighting effect and use of time, so the radiator of the size and material are very important; It also need to check the power supply of lamps and lanterns, if there is a good power supply, is advantageous for the brightness of the follow-up and use; The last point is you can focus on when choosing a brand, there is also a guarantee for quality relatively. What is the order of lamps and lanterns flow? Everyone at the time of custom lamps and lanterns, first is to have a good communication with stylist, you for lamps and lanterns of style of be fond of, and style, and so on, so that designers will have a basic understanding of and design direction; Its general designer will take you to see the lamps and lanterns of custom-made sample, from the popular and produced some of the techniques for analysis, so that both sides have a good communication of ha, will have a roughly design; Customized the size measurement of natural important lamps and lanterns, the designer will be door-to-door measurements, and determine the location of the installation and the whole household is tie-in, after that the designer will give a detailed plan, and communication to achieve the ideal effect; The last step is crucial for the choice of lamps and lanterns of the material, and the follow-up work, also want with factory carefully discuss the details. A: what do you think you really understand the restaurant droplight, let's talk about it on the next: lamps and lanterns made what kind of artistic effect can be achieved? Product recommendations
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