What is the effect of long-term uncleaning of all copper lamps on daily use?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-14
Q: The all-copper lamp installed at home has been for several years, but it has never been cleaned. Will it have any impact on daily use? A: Yes, there are mainly the following influences: 1. If it is not clean for a long time, it is easy to accumulate ash, and the lamps become dim and dull, which will seriously affect the beauty of all-copper lamps, especially all-copper lamps with fabric lampshades. At ordinary times, there is dust on the lamp, which should be wiped off gently with dry cotton cloth. In order to maintain the gloss of the all-copper lamp, honey can be applied and wiped with dry cloth, in addition, it can also be wiped with tin foil or sawdust containing cigarettes and some salt. 2. In humid weather, all-copper lamps are easy to oxidize and generate verdigris in contact with space, which affects the service life of all-copper lamps. Usually remember to keep the house dry, the temperature is between 18 degrees Celsius and 24 degrees Celsius, the relative humidity is 40%--50% or so. 3. Some copper lamps that can be directly touched by hands, such as wall lamps, desk lamps, floor lamps, etc. on the head of a bed, will be easily corroded due to sweat on the hands, affecting the quality of lamps, therefore, you must wear silk cotton gloves when touching, and you cannot touch them directly with your hands.
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