What is the difference between European lamps and American lamps in style?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-21
Many people will struggle with the step of choosing lamps when decorating. I don't know whether to choose European lamps or American lamps. There is no recognition for the two, I don't know much about the difference between these two kinds of lamps. Today, I 'd like to show you what is the difference between European lamps and American lamps in style? When it comes to European-style lamps, many people will think of retro luxury, classical elegance and other words. Indeed, European lamps themselves originate from European classical style art, with gorgeous decoration, strong colors and exquisite shapes create a graceful court effect. This type of lamps pays special attention to the line, shape and color decoration. For example, some lamps will specially design the mottled old effect to make the lamps look more classical. The uniqueness of American lamps lies in its unique elegance. The lines are simple and clear, the shape is elegant, and its unique traces of historical years reflect the elegant temperament, the color is calm, and the temperament is eternal. The fresh and natural style is favored by many people. Based on the aesthetic characteristics of American style, the lighting light is not suitable for too bright and soft. Therefore, European lamps are generally more luxurious and retro, American lamps are generally simple and atmospheric, European lamps focus on classical feelings, and American lamps pay more attention to leisure and comfort. When we choose lamps, we mainly choose the characteristics and colors of home decoration, and we should match them with our own home decoration.
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