What happened when the all-copper lamp suddenly stopped working?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-15
Nowadays, all-copper lamps are more and more popular with people. The classical atmosphere of all-copper lamps is good-looking and has a face, but there are also some episodes in the use of all-copper lamps, such as the situation of not lighting, so what is the reason why the all-copper lamp is not bright? 1. If the bulb is not bright and the bulb is not bright, the first thing to do is to check whether the bulb is in good condition and whether it is damaged. Because the lamps will inevitably encounter some logistics too v violence during transportation; , Causing the bulb to be shaken off, the bulb to fall off, false insertion. This situation will also make the all-copper lamp not bright. 2. Accessories problem, there are all copper lamps bought back by customers. After installation, some Lamp caps are found to be on and some are not. This kind of situation is usually due to a problem with a lamp cap, such as transportation extrusion, or if you do not pass the lighting test before shipment, it will cause a lamp cap to be off. 3. The line problem is good at the time of the following test and can be used normally, but it suddenly does not light up when installed on the ceiling. This kind of situation is usually the line problem, if the line on the ceiling is not connected properly, the all-copper lamp will not be lit. To sum up, there are three reasons why all-copper lamps do not light up: bulbs do not light up, accessories and wiring problems. Snooker Meiju warm reminder: If the all-copper lamp is not bright, please ask the special lamp installation and maintenance personnel to check and deal with it. Do not blindly disassemble the lamp by yourself, which is unsafe and affects the use of the lamp.
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