What do you know about the advantages of glass solder lamps?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-15
Glass solder lamp is a major type of all-Copper Solder lamp. Compared with all-Copper Solder lamp, glass solder lamp has simple European, small American and Chinese styles, the material of the glass solder lamp is a decorative lamp that uses copper and glass as the main materials and connects the lampshade by hand soldering. Advantages of glass solder lamp: first, it is convenient to clean and clean: the lampshade of glass solder lamp is made of glass, in the cleaning and cleaning of daily life, you only need to cut off the power supply and gently wipe it with a dry rag to make the dusty glass solder lamp look brand-new. Second, the light effect is good: The light transmittance of the glass solder lamp is relatively warm and large compared with the light transmission effect of the fabric lampshade. Third, the decorative effect is simple: the glass solder lamp has always remained unchanged because its lines are simple and lively, and it emphasizes the personality of freedom, peace and integration. Each style independently expresses the classical culture of this style. Fourth, the embodiment of culture: the design of the glass solder lamp itself focuses on the rich original attributes and connotations of raw materials. The craftsmanship of the skillful craftsman perfectly reflects the product style and culture.
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