What do you know about all-copper floor lamps?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-01
The high all-copper floor lamp has a unique style. Even if the room space is limited, the floor lamp can be used to easily create lighting solutions. They are easy to move and can add a comfortable and warm atmosphere to any space. How can I choose a copper floor lamp that suits me and makes me happy? Snooker Meiju gives you advice! I. Collocation of all-copper floor lamps 1. All-copper floor lamps are often used for local lighting, without comprehensiveness, but emphasize the convenience of movement, which is very practical for creating a corner atmosphere. If the lighting method of the all-copper floor lamp is directly projected downward, it is suitable for reading and other activities requiring concentration. If it is indirect lighting, the overall light change can be adjusted. The lower side of the lampshade of the floor lamp should be 1. More. 2. Floor lamps are generally arranged in the living room and rest area, and are used together with sofas and tea sets to meet the needs of local lighting and decoration of the family environment. 3, all copper floor lamp bracket and base selection or production, must be matched with the lampshade, can not have a small person wearing a big hat; Or a tall man wearing a small hat; The sense of imbalance. 4. The living room with sofa can be decorated with a full copper floor lamp behind the sofa. It not only guarantees the need for reading, but also does not affect family watching TV. The height of all copper floor lamps is generally 120- 130, if the height or lampshade angle can be adjusted, it is the best. The shape and color of lamps and lanterns should be coordinated with the furniture of the living room. Second, the installation of all copper floor lamps 1. Pay attention to reading the installation instructions and tool preparation ① carefully read the installation drawings before installation, and it is better not to confuse the parts after unpacking. If there are more similar parts, the drawing will draw a comparison chart of the physical size, and it is very easy to distinguish the various parts. (2) common tools, such as flat Phillips screwdriver, hammer, etc. 2. Check the place where the screws, eccentric parts and copper lamp body are to be installed in the lamp accessories, and the guide holes will be opened. There is no need to worry about the positioning of the parts. It should be noted that the wrong parts should not be screwed up repeatedly, otherwise the copper lamp body will be easily damaged, and instability, inclination and other phenomena will occur after installation. 3. Pay attention to the installation sequence of all-copper floor lamps. Generally, all-copper floor lamps should have a cast iron chassis, which is slightly smaller than the surface base size. The order of parts from bottom to top should be: chassis fastening nut, cast iron chassis, base, lamp post, lamp cap, lampshade, plastic fastener, bulb.
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