What development direction should the lighting wholesale market choose?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-18
The lighting industry is closely related to the real estate industry. Many people have changed their consumption concept of home decoration greatly, which has increased their demand for lighting consumption and directly affected the entire lighting market. What is the prospect of the lighting wholesale market? According to the current situation of market business, accurately locate the Market Retail, Wholesale and other business models, carry forward the advantages, make up for the shortcomings, and strengthen comprehensive competitiveness. Take the all-copper lamp manufacturer snooker Meiju as an example. Snooker Meiju all-copper lamp is a copper lamp brand integrating research, development, production and sales. It is positioned in the middle and high-end retail and lighting wholesale markets and creates a wholesale format for lamps, form the overall pattern of medium and high-end retail, engineering and wholesale. In the past, home lighting was mainly based on simple bulb light sources, not paying attention to decorative effects, but simple lighting tools. Nowadays, with the changes of the times, modern home lighting pays more attention to decoration. Fashion, personality and taste have become synonymous with the lighting industry. Lamps are no longer lamps; But lighting; . Looking at the whole market, there are two development directions in the future lighting wholesale market. One is a lighting City or chain organization with specialization, fine management and familiarity with the entire lighting industry chain, the other is an urban complex that integrates the 'one-stop' purchase of the Pan-smart home industry such as lamps, ceramics and flooring. In people's increasingly high-grade living habits, lighting is not only used for lighting, but also a fashion pursuit, integrating lighting with home, fashion and life, let people find their inner satisfaction and expectations for home from the selection of lighting!
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