What are the skills in choosing and placing all-copper lamps in the living room?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-03
The living room is a very important place for a house. It is a place for everyone to have fun and rest. Therefore, the choice and placement of all copper lamps in the living room must not be arbitrary, so what are the choices and placement of all-copper lamps in the living room? According to the wind and water, the living room is Yang, so the all-copper chandelier in the living room should be high enough and bright enough to spread the light in the whole living room. If there are more light sources, all copper lamps with the same elements should be used as much as possible to keep the overall style consistent. If the living room has a large area, lighting can be used to solve the Area Division, warm color chandeliers can be used on the dining table to create a warm dining atmosphere, and a dimming all-copper floor lamp can be placed next to the sofa, several small all-copper wall lamps can be installed on the display stand. Small all-copper wall lamps and small all-copper chandeliers can be installed on the porch. If the ceiling is made, some all-copper ceiling lamps can be installed according to the ceiling style to solve the problem of poor lighting. Do you know all about the selection and placement skills of all copper lamps in the living room? For more information about all-copper lamps, please call the national toll-free hotline for snooker: 400-800-7609.
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