What are the reasons why glass ceiling lamps are often damaged?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-16
Q: What are the reasons for the frequent damage of glass ceiling lamps? Answer: Glass ceiling lamps are often damaged, mainly due to the following reasons :(1)The packaging is not closed. Everyone knows that the main material of the lampshade of the glass ceiling lamp is glass. The glass is fragile. If there is no strict packaging, the damage is indispensable during the transportation process, and some logistics are more violent; No packaging is the key to damage caused by glass ceiling lamps. (2)The quality is not good. There are all kinds of glass ceiling lamps on the market. There are all kinds of glass ceiling lamps. In order to control the cost, inferior glass is selected as the lampshade. This kind of glass is often more fragile, the damage is even more serious.
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